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In addition to our electrical construction experience, Bergstrom also provides design-build services for many of its projects, including commercial, industrial, and residential applications.


Design-build is exactly what it sounds like - the same contractor both designs and installs your electrical system. Bergstrom's extensive experience in a wide variety of projects has given our project managers and CADD specialist excellent insight into different lighting techniques and products that will add a great deal to your home or business.


The plans are drawn up for you, with your ideas and needs in mind and at no extra cost to you. This will give you the chance to see and review the plans of what you are getting before the job starts. In addition, it eliminates change orders down the road, which will be a great cost savings.


Our crews have completed hundreds of residential construction and reconstruction projects and can work with you and your team to create the home of your dreams. We can also design and install "smart house" applications that will turn your lights on when you get home, call you on your cell phone if something goes wrong within the house (such as a break-in or the temperature is very low), or allow you to turn on the heat from your cell phone so the house is cozy and warm when you arrive home.


Design-build projects are often utilized when time is of the essence and projects must be completed as quickly as possible. Our experience in design-build commercial applications includes the 4000 Valley Square assisted living facility, the Rydell GM AutoCenter, the BSC Aquatic and Wellness Center, and the Crookston Bean plant.


We have been a trusted team partner as both a contractor and as an electrical designer for many projects over the years. If you are considering a design-build concept, we would be happy to speak with you about your ideas and help make them a reality.


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