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photos of fuseboxesThermal imaging is saving businesses and homeowners a lot of money and Bergstrom Electric is one of the few contractors in the region to offer this service.


Thermal imaging is a photograph of the thermal properties of an object. It gives an accurate comparison of temperatures of an item compared to its surroundings. Usually, if there is a significant difference in temperature, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.


In a commercial or industrial setting, thermal imaging can identify problems with equipment before damage is done. The photos at the right give a good example of this. The top photo shows the main fuses of an electrical panel. This visual reference does not indicate anything is out of the ordinatry and the owner, in fact, did not notice any problems with the operations of this unit.


The thermal image in the photo below, however, indicates the fuse holder and wire termination are running at 137 degrees - significantly higher than any of the surrounding components.


photos of master bedroomIn this instance, Bergstrom Electric recommended immediate action to prevent further equipment damage or fire. The wire in question could eventually burn off, which might mean a loss in production while the equipment is down waiting for parts and repair.


In a residential setting, thermal imaging can help save homeowners money. The photos at the right sown a corner of a master bedroom. While the digital photograph at the top doesn't reveal any deficiencies, the thermal scan of the same area shows a 13 degree temperature difference. The culprit was low insulation in that corner of the attic, which was costing the homeowner money in lost heat.


Bergstrom's certified technicians can complete a residential thermal scan in approximately an hour and homeowners receive a thorough report with photographs, identified problem areas, and recommendations soon after. To ensure your home is safe and insulated appropriately, give the Thermal Imaging Team at Bergstrom Electric a call at 701-775-8897.

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