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Spirit Lake WTP pumps

Spirit Lake Water Treatment Plant

Near Warwick, ND


Electrical Construction: $920,000

Year Completed: 2013


The $5 million Spirit Lake Water Treatment Plant provides clean water to over 700 service connections on the Spirit Lake Reservation. The project required 8,600 feet of trenching, some of which was done during the winter, requiring the use of Bergstrom's unique 660 trencher with carbide frost teeth.

Honeyford Elevator

Farmer's Elevator of Honeyford

Honeyford, ND


Electrical Construction: $414,000 (both projects)

Year Completed: 2011 and 2007


Bergstrom has been providing electrical contracting services to the Farmer's Elevator of Honeyford for many years. The most recent projects were expansions in 2007 and 2011 that added 4 new grain tanks and a conveyor system as well as an unloading pit and a touch-screen Motor Control Center.

Emmons County Water Treatment Plant

Emmons County Water Treatment Plant

Emmons County, ND


Electrical Construction: $950,000

Year Completed: 2012


This 26,000 square foot facility provides clean water to 10,000 people in three rural counties of North Dakota. Bergstrom crews installed a 2000 amp, 480 volt service and a lot of control wiring for nuerous sensors and switches that the equipment required, including several motors to move water through various filters and chambers.

LM Windpower Blade

LM Windpower

Grand Forks, ND


Electrical Construction: $904,000

Year Completed: 2011


LM Windpower is the world's leading supplier of blades for wind turbines and has a facility in Grand Forks, ND. A change in the Electrical Code forced the company to rewire the area where workers spray the molds for the blades. Bergstrom had completed the initial electrical construction on the facility in 1999 and was brought in to do the rewiring, keeping the plant fully operational throughout.

Crookston Bean Plant

Crookston Bean

Crookston, MN


Electrical Construction: $100,000

Year Completed: 2011


This 16,000 square foot facility was a design-build project that included a 4,000 square foot milling area (where peas are cleaned, processed, and packaged for shipping), an 11,000 square foot storage room, and a small office. Bergstrom Electric designed the entire electrical system, including all of the controls for the facility, automating almost the entire system, which increased processing capacity by an estimated 50%.

Devils Lake WTP

Devils Lake Water Treatment Plant

Devils Lake, ND


Electrical Construction: $815,000

Year Completed: 2010


This $18 million Water Treatment Plant is a two-story, 8,700 square foot facility, which included an elaborate control system that interconnected every valve, pump, and solenoid in the building. Bergstrom also had to lay their conduit in a double layer rebar mat with very little reference points.


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